What the hell is Bob Chandler talking about? Where is the Obama administration "trampling upon the Constitution"?  Where is the "socialism" and "fascism" he speaks of?  When did the federal government "take over" General Motors?  When did Barney Frank, or anyone else, ever say that they wanted to "control all of the businesses in the private sector"?  Where are any of our "freedoms" being attacked? 

Everything that Chandler says is complete, unadulterated hogwash, a verbatim regurgitation of the dishonest propaganda being spewed from the Republican right as our new president does what is necessary to clean up the horrendous mess they left him. He even repeatedly misspells "bail out".

As for the "tea bag " movement fabricated by the Republicans and promoted by Fox News, Mr. Chandler and others would be wise to learn just what "tea bagging" is before they proudly proclaim themselves "tea baggers".