The numerous volunteers helping to make the Hesperia Library a hub of learning were acknowledged on Monday, April 6 for rolling up their sleeves and making it all happen.

"There are 127 volunteers this year," Hesperia Library Branch Manager Ann Marie Wentworth said to open the festivities in the facility's community room. "A lot of you I don't even know, but I'm glad you volunteered."

Mayor Thurston "Smitty" Smith, who helped present the awards, thanked residents for helping out.

"My theme when I was elected was volunteers," he said. "It's great to see you give back and help our fellow citizens."

County Librarian Ed Kieczykowski talked about the ever-changing function of libraries.

"Libraries have always been about books," Kieczykowski said. "But things have really changed."

The Hesperia Library, for instance, has a large number of computers and free wireless for laptop owners who visit the facility.

"The Internet has really changed the way we do things," he said. "The one constant for is is we've always been about people. I want to thank the volunteers. I think the public should be very proud."

Also on hand were Friends and Volunteer Services Coordinator Robin Hoklotubbe, Library Associate June Cline, Literacy Specialist Gerry Yniguez, Friends of the Library President Rebekah Swanson, City Manager Mike Podegracz, Assistant to the City Manager Kim Summers, Executive Secretary Flo Collier and Garner Morris, the community liaison for First District Supervisor Brad Mitzelfelt.

The major awards:

Karen Taylor was named the Friends of the Library Volunteer of the Year. Debbie Horner was named the the Library Volunteer of the Year. Beatrice Piszczek was named the Library Tutor of the Year.

The 2009 Volunteer Roundup:

Abayomi Adepoju, Iovani Aguirre, Mohammad Alam, Mandy Alamillo, Maria Alvarez, Damari Arciga, Yuritza Arciga, Estela Arroyo, Reyna Aruiza, Miki Baker, Suzanne Barton, Ronda Beach, Steven Bell, Cassie Boulware, Katie Boulware, Keely Cenderas, Sue Chapman, Cynthia Cirrincione, Lee Cline.

More volunteers: Robin Coghlin, Jeanne Conrow, Ivana Corovska, Carolyn Cramer, Nina Crickon, Diane Crowley, Diana Cruz, Marta Cruz, Cynthia Deering, Nick DeRose, Chance Dunn, Vera Ervin, Timnesha Flowers, Matthew Garcia, Gary Gillard, Trinity Giron, Desiree Gonzalez, Vanessa Gonzalez, Alicia Green, Kathy Harrington, Alona Harris, Michael Heigl.

Additional volunteers: Anthony Henson, Adrian Hernandez, Carol Hill, Elaina Hinojsa, Christine Holman, Debbie Horner, Mae Huber, Erin Huggard, Dan Jack, Mariah Jackson, Sharon K. Jay, Megan Kerns, Philip Kinser, Samantha Landaverde, Roxanne Lazorski, Michelle Longwisch, Raymond Lord, Jeff Lynn, Rhonda Lystra, Cyndy Mandell, Sara McClaine, Dora McDonnell, Pat Metzger, Terrence Mills, Ann Minter, Austin Minter, Becky Minter, Martha Mize, Connie Moore, Dani Moore, Michael Moore, Michael Moore, Penny Moore, Melanie Murphy, Johnna Myers, Krystal Neat, Jason, Negrete, Louise Noland, Jessica Ochoa, Richard Osellame, Faye Painter, Jacqueline Parham, Victoria Parker, Andrea Parsons, Jigesh Patel.

Other library volunteers: Sagar Patel, Angelica Perea, Jean Pettingill, Beatrice Piszczek, Mary Polston, Shirley Poole, Cristel Puglisi, Connie Rock, Gwen Roseberry, Christy Ruiz, Dean Saavedra, Brittany Saffold, Sabrina Santilli, Lauren Seeger, Ruth Sharp, Gregory Smith, Jennifer Smith, Philip Sniderman, Tricia Strope, Rebekah Swanson, William Swanson, Nancy Tafoya, Jeff Tahauri, Jr., Valentino Tapia, David Taylor, Karen Taylor, Kristen Taylor, Mary Lou Thomas, Bobbie Thrugstad, Dick Van Deren, Hannah Vasilis, Gokul Veedu, Richard Villa, Daniel Villagrana, Pam Wagner, Darcie Wasinger, Larry Weisz, Paul Wyatt, David Xue, Teresa Young, Barbara Zimmerman.