I would like to compliment Bob Chandler on his reasoned and articulate assessment of the Obama administration to date. As we saw on the day before the Tea Party festivities, Obama ruthlessly attacked veterans, pro life advocates and everyone who exercises their second amendment rights, using his shill, Janet Reno, er, Napolitano, to do the dirty work he didn't have the guts to do himself.  Of course, Mr. Chandler has now identified himself as someone who doesn't agree with the far left politics of Obama, and is willing to express his displeasure. That will make Mr. Chandler the target of every left wing nut-job in the area.

By the way, I liked the way he used the term "bale out" rsther than bail out.  It reminded me of that time years ago when we raised cows and hogs. If they didn't get their "bale out" by about 4:00 p.m. every afternoon, they were ready to start World War III.

Keep up the good work, Bob!