A missing 11 year old was found over the weekend, after an automated call went out to residents who called in with tips.

On Saturday, Dec. 19, San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department deputies had run out of leads when looking for a runaway girl who had disappeared in the area of 7th Ave. and Willow St.

"They decided to contact the city and use the Connect CTY system," city spokeswoman Kelly Malloy said Tuesday. The city's has the software for three years now, and Saturday night, sent out a call to homes "within a two-mile radius" of the girl's last-known location.

But the call didn't turn up enough information to find the runaway.

"By the next morning, we did a city-wide call," said Malloy, "Which was all the numbers in our system."

The call at noon hit jackpot almost immediately.

"The sheriff's department had been trying to find her, and based on some tips they received from the Connect CTY system, they were able to find her."

A third and final call went out at 12:47 on Sunday afternoon, a mere 47 minutes after the city-wide call began to generate useful tips, letting residents know the girl had been located and returned home.

"Which is exactly the reason we have the system," said Malloy.

Hesperians with home phone numbers listed in the phone book automatically have their numbers added to the Connect-CTY database. Those without, or residents wanting to have their work or cellular telephone numbers added to the system, or who wish to add text messaging or e-mail contacts to the database can visit the city's Web site at CityofHesperia.us and click on "Connect CTY." Residents without Internet access can call 760-947-1020 to get added to the database.

"We're really pleased with this system," said Malloy. "I think it's shown that it's effective."

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