While accepting the fact that the Jewish people have always been and always will be God's chosen people, the certainty of their ongoing persecution appears to always remain with them.

In looking back to their plight prior too and during the second World War, we note that the underpinnings of the Holocaust actually began in Germany around the early 1920s. In the beginning, through hate filled propaganda filled with blatant lies and distortions, they were unjustly labeled as the major cause for all of Germany's woes. Not only were they to blame for the First World War itself and its devastating results upon Germany, but also for the destitute financial mess that swept through their country during the time of the great depression of 1929.

Finding the perfect scapegoat for all of their country's ills, the German society in general continued their baseless and hateful accusations upon their Jewish neighbors. While many Jews living in Germany during the early 1930's quickly realized what lay ahead if they didn't escape their threatened environment, others chose to stay, remaining hopeful that their disparaging conditions were only temporal and would soon come to a peaceful end.

By 1936, under Nazi domination, German Jews had lost all individual rights, making it almost impossible for any of them to safely travel to a neighboring country and by 1938, literally all hope of escape vanished, as they were rounded up and forced into deplorable living conditions within prison like ghettos. Then, in 1942, like starving cattle, they were crammed into box cars and shipped off to concentration camps, explicitly designed to carry out Hitler's plan for a "final solution." These death camps were designed for the sole purpose of providing for both the starvation of their inhabitants and the roaring ovens that would systematically take them to the final phase of their extermination. 

The Nuremberg Trials began on Nov. 20, 1945 and lasted until Oct. 1, 1946. The trials were held to bring to justice all of the people who had committed crimes against humanity during the Second World War. Through their lengthy proceedings, the world would soon come to learn, that under Nazi occupation and along with its collaborators, six million European Jews were exterminated. Appalled by such a devastating act against humanity, leaders from all nations pledged that never again would the Jewish people have to endure such an atrocity and so it came to be, that In 1948, the state of Israel was finally born. That was then, but as we look upon the world today and once again recognize a continuing growing animosity towards Israel and the Jewish people, we must ask ourselves this question, "Today, which country or what group of people are willing to stand up for Israel, to prevent such a catastrophic atrocity from repeating itself?"

 Recently, allied countries that once stood together pledging to defend the Jewish people are now turning their backs in defending the sovereignty of Israel. Strangely, even President Obama seems willing to surrender our country's long time commitment to Israel, our one and only democratic ally in the middle east, while countries such as Egypt and Syria suddenly appear to be falling into the hands of a historically based terrorist group called The Muslim Brotherhood. Because of this turning of the political tide in the middle east, the well armed and powerful Egyptian army, that once helped to maintain a mutually agreed upon peace with Israel, may someday soon, be used to reverse it's peaceful roll and instead set the whole world on fire by advancing against it.

Today, within some areas of the middle east and Europe, attacks upon both Jews and Christians alike have dramatically increased and while both synagogues and churches are being allowed to be burned to the ground, their believers are being severely beaten, tortured and even murdered. Historically, solidified by both biblical and spiritual relationships that remain undeniable, both Jews and Christians alike will always face persecutions of one type or another. But, while both remain under the constant threat of persecution, most of the world will continue to judge the Jews as mankind's most disrespected of all peoples, therefore somehow remaining more deserving of mistreatment than any other religious based society.

It is because of both, a binding relationship between Judaism and Christianity and a lack of willingness on behalf of any world government to rightfully defend Israel's existence, that devout Christians throughout the world will someday take a united stand in defending Israel. Eventually, I believe that through this defensive posturing by Christians to defend Israel, the world will soon come to look upon both Judaism and Christianity as stumbling blocks in its attempt to build a unified and peaceful world setting. There's little doubt that because of the world's increasing impatience with both Christians and Jews, a rising resentment for both biblical beliefs rooted in misunderstanding and impatience, will ultimately manifest itself through an unimaginable destructive measure of bigotry and hatred. 

Within the Bible, God tells us that Israel will someday be a "cup of trembling" to the rest of the nations and that all nations will someday rise up against it. It is my belief, that the time in which for these things to happen is fast approaching and that the people of this world will soon find themselves being tested in many ways. As I see it, when this time of decision finally does arrive, people will be either frantically searching the world for their own answers or faithfully embracing God's plan in his answer for all of man kind to seek and follow.

Bob Chandler is a regular columnist for the Hesperia Star and an elected member of the Hesperia Recreation and Park District's board of directors.