On Thursday, Aug. 28, the Hesperia Unified School District gave out its annual Employee of the Year Awards.

Administrative Educational Support Center

Certificated: Bob Johnson, Counselor
Classified: Rena Munoz, Payroll Specialist

Canyon/Shadow Ridge High School

Certificated: Jace Biendara, Biology/Odyssey Coordinator
Classified: Stephanie Nicholl, Library Media Specialist

Carmel Elementary

Certificated: Leigh Beattie, Kindergarten
Classified: Leticia Ayers, School Secretary

Cedar Middle School

Certificated: Jamie Van Hill, 7th grade Social Studies/Science
Classified: Beck Moreno, Receptionist

Cottonwood Elementary

Certificated: Christie Smith, 6th grade
Classified: Christy Mattox, Health Technician

Cypress School of the Arts

Certificated: Andrew Hammons, 6th grade
Classified: Ed Pilecki, Computer Learning Specialist

Eucalyptus Elementary

Certificated: Jenifer Boatwright, 3rd grade
Classified: Bobbie Smith, Proctor

Hesperia High School

Certificated: Mark Rousseau-Smith, English III, Speech/Broadcasting
Classified: Melanie Shurliff, School Secretary

Hesperia Jr. High

Certificated: Eric Avila, Physical Education Teacher
Classified: Diane Beam, School Secretary

Hollyvale Elementary

Certificated: Mary Griffin, 6th grade
Classified: Marty Calderon, Custodian

Joshua Circle Elementary

Certificated: Anita Goodrich, 1st grade
Classified: Herb Dennis, Proctor

Juniper Elementary

Certificated: Laura Dean, 6th grade
Classified: Rebecca Varela, Special Education Assistant

Kingston Elementary

Certificated: Roger Beam, 4th grade
Classified: Elizabeth Hermosillo, Food Service Worker

Krystal School of Science, Math and Technology

Certificated: Leslie Janek, Kindergarten
Classified: Julie Moore, Proctor

Lime Street School

Certificated: Jennifer Lunderno, 3rd grade
Classified: Maria Landgrave, School Administration Secretary

Maple Elementary School

Certificated: Julie Salaz, Intervention Teacher
Classified: Maricela Antuna, Attendance Specialist

Mesa Grande Elementary

Certificated: Cherya Mack, 5th grade
Classified: Brenda Sewell, Library Media Specialist

Mesquite Trails Elementary

Certificated: Ann Johnson, Special Education
Classified: Nancy VanEngen, Health Technician

Mojave High School/Community Day School/Alternative Education

Certificated: Greg Shugard, Special Education
Classified: Kelli Viselli, Guidance and Counseling Clerical Assistant

Mission Crest Elementary

Certificated: Debbie Cannon, Kindergarten
Classified: Linda Holden, Library Media Specialist

Oak Hills High School

Certificated: David Cain, English
Classified: Trish Johnson, School Administration Secretary

Ranchero Middle School

Certificated: Angela Romero, Special Education/Social Studies

Classified: Sallie Keeling, Food Service Worker

Sultana High School

Certificated: Hector Armendariz, Spanish
Classified: Chuck Foster, Athletic Equipment Manager

Topaz Preparatory

Certificated: Jamela Robledo, 2nd grade
Classified: Vicky Navarrete, Bilingual Assistant

All District

Teacher of the Year (Elementary): Andrew Hammons, Cypress Elementary, 6th grade
Teacher of the Year (Secondary): David Cain, Oak Hills High School, English
Classified Support (Service): Diane Beam, Hesperia Jr./High School, School Secretary
Classified Support (Students): Stephanie Nicholl, Canyon Ridge, Library Media Specialist

Certificated: Bob Johnson, Ranchero Middle School, Counselor