The City Council Tuesday night will be considering making some changes as to what types of animals residents are allowed to house, though they won't be removing pets that already call Hesperia home.

The public hearing at Tuesday's council meeting is meant to bring several neighborhoods into compliance with a cleaned-up zoning map, so that the rules jive with a comprehensive general plan update adopted a year ago. Previously, the city had several sometimes-conflicting maps that had evolved over the city's 23-year history.

The neighborhoods that may lose animal rights range from one residence on the northwest corner of Sage and Tamarisk to up to 75 residences on Hickory between Orange and Muscatel, where cattle, hogs and bee-keeping may be eliminated on those properties and the number of small livestock, small animals and fowl allowed are reduced.

But as the city taketh away, so can it giveth.

"We're giving (some) properties more animal rights than they currently have," said Scott Priester, the city of Hesperia's Director of Development Services.

More than 1,500 residences will, for the first time, be allowed to keep small livestock and increase the number of allowed dogs, cats, small animal and fowl, should the council approve the development code amendment.

But no matter what, current residents won't have to dispose of any animals they currently own. Priester said the planning commission, which most recently considered the issue, didn't want to take away any current animal rights.

"Yeah, we won't cook your goose," he joked.

The changes are up for discussion during the Hesperia City Council will take place Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at Hesperia City Hall, 9700 Seventh Avenue.

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