It is clear that the Hesperia Star has changed with the loss of Peter. It is sad that the changing of the guard at the Star now brings forth personal commentary (Chris Lindsay, Opinion Page, Aug. 23) as fact.

This shift evokes the words of John F. Kennedy, a true pillar, when he said, "For the great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie deliberate, contrived and dishonest but the myth persistent, persuasive and unrealistic ... We enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought."

My wife and I take full responsibility for the education of our children for we believe that parents are their child's most important teacher. So do most of the parents that we know in this community. We parents have to be engaged and responsible for the time our children spend outside of school from birth to high school graduation that far out distances the time spent in school. It is offensive for Lindsay to state that such parental engagement does not occur in this community because it does. And despite Lindsay's myth, parental involvement does not threaten the safety or quality of education. This fact is that parental involvement only furthers educational gains.

Education is not an "industry." And the salaries of the largest employer in Hesperia certainly do add to the tax base by spending dollars on homes, goods and services in our community, to include "investment advisors."

Chris Lindsay sure does love to put his business cards up in HUSD staff loungers, trolling for the "non-tax base dollars." Perhaps he needs the money to pay off all that questionable campaign debt he started acquiring years ago. And he neglects to mention that his own children do not even attend HUSD schools. Where is his engagement in HUSD schools?

It is a positive thing to be critical of issues that you are engaged in and aware of; it is quite another simply to opine myth as fact on issues on which Lindsay has very little knowledge or experience.

Our HUSD schools are safe. They are clean. They are places of engagement for learning. They are also, however, being assaulted by the idiocy of Sacramento politicians that continuously take money and control away from accountable local people such as parents who choose to engage in our schools by running for, and getting elected to, their local school board. And this assault on local control over schools is the real issue of the day, as we go deeper and deeper into the abyss of Sacramento stupidity.

I personally engage because I care about our kids and would never vote for anyone that declares that "caring about children" is a bad thing. I engage because parents deserve a voice, even if they disagree with that voice at times. I engage because our teachers deserve to have an advocate that believes in their commitment of service and care to our kids. I engage because all of our staffs deserve support for all of their hard work and the tremendous sacrifices they have made through these troubled times.

I firmly disagree with Lindsay's myth that states, "Parents today take no responsibility at all for the education process." He is dead wrong. The fact is that the education process starts and ends with parents and guardians.