Another view on alcohol at the movies

I would like to reply to a letter written by Donna Juista about the new movie theater that will serve beer (Letters, Hesperia Star, March 13). While Donna made some valid concerns, they are just mere hyperbole.

I do believe that the theater will have a limit on how much beer one person can buy. Also, not many people, once a movie starts, will get up just to buy more beer at $8 to $9 a cup. Remember this is a movie theater, not the local liquor store or bar.

I disagree with Donna's statement that alcohol and movies go together. In fact, this is only her opinion and not backed up with and reliable research. Kids go to the movies to watch movies, eat candy and hang out with their friends.

What is to stop a 21-year-old from buying for a minor? Well, for one, jail time. Another is that the theater is required by law to make sure this does not happen. So yes, there will be security. In fact, there's a theater in Texas that does this very same thing and they have almost no issues with underage drinking. Those who are caught are turned over to the police and barred from the theater.

Why are parents sending their kids to the movies alone? This is just poor parenting. Don't blame the theater for this. Blame the parents for being poor parents.

When was the last time you were at the movies, Donna? I attend movies almost every weekend and don't see kids making out at all.

Yes, let's get the churches involved. Let's also remember that some of the church's greatest theologians were beer drinkers: Calvin, Luther, C.S. Lewis, just to name a few.

I believe it's important to remember that alcohol will be served to adults, not kids. I can't wait to drink a pint and enjoy a summer blockbuster!

Mykel Pickens