Several dozen of Hesperia's most appealing plants got out of the house and mingled at the Hesperia Garden Club's annual garden and flower show at Lime Street Park.

The five decades old club meets 10 times a year and is meant for all levels of amateur botanists.

"It's a great little club. We have new people coming in, young people coming in, men coming in," said Irene Smith, marketing coordinator for the club. Smith has been a member for more than 30 years. "People come there to learn, and that's what we do."

The flower show at the May 14 meeting was a judged affair, with five women taking home seven prizes:

Fumiko Bell won first place for cactus

Fanny Pasqual won first place for arrangement

Clara Petrosky won third place for cactus

Linda Picconi won second place for cactus

Naomi Ramos won first for rose, first for azalea, third for arrangement

"Some people are very fond of growing vegetables, some like growing flowers. Some do both," Petrosky said. "There's always something that can interest you, because you're always learning, always sharing."

The club's meetings feature guest speakers: In April, club members learned about edible weeds. The club also goes on field trips throughout Southern California. The next big event for the club will be their events during this year's Hesperia Days weekend.

"We're a very busy club," Smith said. "I think it's 58 (members) right now, and we're looking for more."

"I don't know anybody who isn't interested in what their garden looks like," Petrosky said.

The Hesperia Garden Club meets monthly, except for July and August. For more information on the club, call (760) 244-5460.