Hello, Hesperia! Springtime is in the air, the sun is shining, flowers are in bloom and our baby animals are coming into the world.

The Hesperia Star asked me to try and see a live birth of a horse, take pictures and write an article. Well, with horses that is almost impossible. Then luck struck while talking to Laurie Savage. She told me, "I watched a foal being born and took lots of pictures." Was I excited because I wasn't looking forward to 3 a.m. phone calls.

"Wink" decided to come in the afternoon. I wish I could have been there to see him. Laurie took more than 100 pictures and a few are shared with all of you. The birth only took about 15 minutes but any birth is a miracle. Wink was born with a deformity. One of his eyes had a socket but the eye was missing. His other eye was fine and to his mom he was perfect. I hope the pictures show the love of both to each other, minutes after birth.

Kahlua (Wink's mom) and Wink were owned by Tara Dunn. She has since sold them to pursue her education. She is going to be a respiratory therapist and should have her degree by January 2013.

As Tara and I were talking, she shared how she loved wiping Wink down after birth to have a special bonding with him.

"I noticed how protective Kahlua was," Tara said. "She always walked by him on his blind side, and in the pastures when he got frisky, she still stayed on that side. I felt this was her way to protect him from getting hurt and to learn to use his good eye."

I have watched puppies, kittens and rabbits being born, baby chickens hatch, but never a foal. We can learn so much from animals. They are excellent with their newborns. When you watch the moms they are constantly training and teaching them. They give love unconditionally.

To all our mothers and grandmothers, a belated Happy Mother's Day. Also, to all of God's creatures that are mothers Happy Mother's Day to you too!

Love, Charlene