HESPERIA Steve McHugh and Antonio Palazzola have turned gold records into speedboats and old laptops into pick-up trucks. Later this month, they'll be turning those skills into television fame.

McHugh, who owns Express Super Pawn on Hesperia Road, and business partner Palazzola are the stars of A&E Network's new 13-episode reality show "Barter Kings," which debuts June 12.

On the show, the pair make cashless trades, turning inexpensive goods into progressively better and better items.

"During the good times, people bought all kinds of stuff," Palazzola said. But now, those multiple big-screen television sets or Jet Skis may just end up taking up space in the garage. "Even if they can sell it, they can't sell it for what it's worth."

"But they can swap it for what they think it's worth," McHugh added.

The pair have been making the trades since 2008 and caught the attention of A&E in 2011, taping a pilot last summer.

"There's no loser," McHugh said of the swaps. "We might be bringing them something that's worth $500 less, but they need it."

Although "Barter Kings" will roam Southern California, many of the trades take place in the High Desert.

"Barter Kings" debuts on A&E with two back-to-back episodes starting at 9 p.m. June 12.

For more on McHugh and Palazzola, read the June 12 edition of the Hesperia Star.

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