The No. 1 fitness goal in the world is to lose weight. Ninety percent of the clients who call me would like to tighten up their arms, legs and core. Weight loss occurs when exercise and diet are utilized to create a calorie deficit. Create a safe, manageable calorie deficit every day and you're guaranteed to lose one to three pounds each week.


For most people, diet is the biggest struggle. It's important to become mindful of how you're feeling before and after each meal. Many people lose control with their portions because they eat infrequently or don't have enough fiber and protein to keep them full. Include plenty of fruits, veggies, whole grains and lean protein in your meals to ensure a well-balanced diet. Apples and bananas make a great snack while chicken with brown rice or fish and veggies are examples of a healthy dinner.


Burning off calories through exercise is a great way to speed up weight loss while creating muscle tone. Adhering to a calorie restrictive diet can help to burn off excess body fat; however, including exercise will create a larger calorie deficit. High intensity exercise such as running, swimming and aerobics utilize multiple muscle groups which will help you to burn a large amount of calories in a short amount of time. Although weight training doesn't burn a large amount of calories it's beneficial because it will increase lean muscle mass. Lean muscle will speed up metabolic functions and help to burn more calories throughout the day.

Tracking calories

One of the most helpful tools someone can have when trying to lose weight is a calorie tracker. Either find a free calorie tracking website ( such as, smart phone app (like FoodScanner) or track your calories on a notepad. This will help you to keep an eye on your calorie consumption throughout the day. Calculate your daily calorie needs by finding a BMR calculator online such as

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