We all know the saying "breakfast is the most important meal of the day," but it's not always the easiest one. Between getting ready for work and prepping the kids for school, breakfast can feel like a daunting task. Plan ahead with quick breakfast options to help the mornings go a little smoother and you will feel better knowing you and your family are starting the day with a healthful meal.


A mixture of healthy ingredients such as Greek yogurt, protein powder, ice, frozen fruit or milk can make a smoothie a wonderful breakfast option. Milk and frozen fruit tend to make the smoothie thicker but be aware of the additional calories in milk as opposed to using water as a base. Those who tend to skip breakfast because they don't think they can handle solid foods early in the morning should aim for a smoothie or protein shake to jump-start their metabolism. Remember, your metabolism doesn't start running at full blast until you consume your first calories of the day.

Breakfast sandwich

Each meal, especially breakfast, should contain a healthy carb and a protein. A few ideas include spreading peanut butter on whole wheat toast, English muffin, banana or pumpkin bread. If you're not a fan of peanut butter then try low-fat cream cheese. Add slices of your favorite fruit such as watermelon, cantaloupe or grapes for some antioxidants. Another option is to create a breakfast sandwich by placing egg whites, low-fat cheese and turkey bacon between organic bread. A healthy breakfast burrito can be created by using scrambled eggs, lean ham and salsa inside of a low-carb tortilla.

Grab and go

The best way to succeed with dieting is to plan ahead.

If you find that you reach for convenience foods such as fast food, microwaveable meals or cereal, then try making a healthy breakfast the night before. Use dinner leftovers to create a chicken and veggie omelet. Steak and eggs is a popular combination that can easily be created with sirloin from the previous night. Create cereal bags that are portioned out to avoid consuming two to three servings. Add whole wheat cereals such as Cheerios and sprinkle in fruit to increase fiber, which will keep you fuller for longer. Also, baking in bulk can help to solve the breakfast dilemma. Breakfast muffins with cranberries, walnuts and low fat ingredients can be warmed up for a quick meal on your way out the door.

Dustin Bogle is personal trainer in the High Desert. Contact him at (760) 6462371 or TheFitnessBros.com.