Hello, Hesperia. The other day I decided to visit the Hesperia Animal Control. What a wonderful experience it was but sad at the same time. There was so many animals that needed homes or were lost and waiting for their owners to come. What's sad is so many owners don't come to claim their pets.

"Most owners that lose their cats don't try to find them; they just get another cat," Cheryl Lewis, who is the shelter supervisor, said. "We also take some of our cats and kittens to the Apple Valley and Victorville Pet Smart. The adoption rate is very successful there. It's harder to adopt cats because people want kittens."

Right now there is a two-for-one animal special going on that includes all the shots, spay or neutering and a free bag of food. Dogs get a leash and are microchipped. Cats are microchipped on request.

When dogs comes to the shelter with no identification, they are placed on a four-day hold before they're available for adoption. If they have identification they are placed on a 10-day hold.

Lewis has been with Hesperia Animal Control for 13 years. Susan Edson is the Animal Control Supervisor. There are 12 employees who work there.

Two YouTube videos worth watching are "Video for Animals" by Avril Lavigne accompanied by her song "I'm With You" and "How Could You" by Jim Wills.

Thank you, Cheryl, for giving me the grand tour and tugging at my heart strings. I wish I could take them all home.

This was such an experience for me. Please go visit our shelter and take a pet or two home with you. Their love is unconditional.

See you next month.

Love, Charlene