Majestic Recycling in Hesperia makes an impact on the environment and the local community by turning what some would consider trash into profit.

Dan Tate, owner of Majestic, donated $12,000 last year to the Don Ferrarese Charitable Foundation for local scholarships.

Majestic donates 100 percent of its profits to the foundation.

The foundation donates $44,000 a year in scholarships to 11 local college bound high school students who volunteer in their community.

"Criteria for scholarships because honoring Don for his community service wanted to honor kids for theirs," said Tate. Since its inception, 68 students have received scholarships.

In 2005, Tate and nine others donated $10,000 apiece to create the foundation, in order to thank and recognize Ferrarese for his constant dedication to the community.

Since the foundation honors Ferrarese for his service to the community, scholarships are awarded to students in recognition of theirs, Tate said. Overall, 68 students have received scholarships.

Majestic Recycling offers free pickup for schools and businesses and provides a 3-yard bin or 55-gallon or 96-gallon containers, according to Anthony Tate, Dan Tate's brother.

They pick up all types of plastics, cans, milk cartons, magazines, phone books, newspapers, cardboard, styrene trays, and shredded paper to name a few. At the warehouse they also offer a buyback center for recyclables according to Dan Tate.

"Great service, able to go from a large trash bin and scale down to a smaller trash bin saved $30 a month," said Kelly Feldman, owner of Phillips Heating and Air Conditioning in Hesperia.

Feldman also volunteers in the community and uses Majestic because they donate to charity.

Businesses can also choose to name a participating school to receive 50 percent of the profit of their recyclables, said Dan Tate.

For schools that use their service, Majestic gives back 100 percent of the cash redemption value for aluminum cans and plastic bottles and 50 percent of other non-CRV recyclables.

According to Dan Tate, 300 students bringing in 25 cans, 25 plastic bottles and 10 newspapers each week could make more than $25,000 a year. Make that 500 students and up the profit to more than $40,000.

Schools can use the money that recycling generates in areas where spending has been cut such as after school programs and extra-curricular activities, Anthony Tate said.

And he believes if people were educated on how beneficial recycling is more people would recycle.

Dan Tate said he'd like Majestic Recycling to make $85,000 annually to fund the Don Ferrarese Charitable Foundation so that eventually the foundation won't have to rely on fundraisers to generate money.

"Help us help ourselves," Dan Tate said.

Mary Ann's Restaurant owner Mary Ann Walker used to dump a lot of cardboard boxes in the trash bin taking up a lot of space, she said. Walker's problem was solved when friend Ferrarese suggested she use Majestic Recycling.

"Thankful they're doing it, not only benefiting me but a lot of people," Walker said.

Each year, the Don Ferrarese Charitable Foundation also holds the Veteran's Holiday Tribute lunch serving free lunch to 1,000 veterans. As well as, Santa's Sleigh Toy Drive, providing toys to more than 100 needy children. Visit for more information.

Majestic is in need of volunteers to help sort recyclables in the warehouse located at 12221 Poplar Street, suite 21 in Hesperia. For more information call (760) 951-8003, email or visit website: