When Nyna Gray and others volunteered in 1995 to answer phones for a pregnancy hotline in a residential home, they realized they'd be more helpful if they could speak to women face to face.

This realization gave birth to the Call for Life Pregnancy Help Center.

The center offers free counseling, pregnancy tests and educational brochures for women who are or might be pregnant. Additionally, after the baby is born they provide baby food, clothes, diapers and wipes for those in need.

The original center was in the room of a bookstore and in 1998 when a vacancy opened up they relocated to their current location, according to Gray, who still volunteers.

"The original reason for being here was to save babies from abortion," said Gray.

Those who call the center seeking information about abortion are asked if they've considered questions on topics such as damage to the cervix, and if the doctor has "ever been sued for malpractice," volunteer Judy Mueller said. This gets the caller's attention and she shares more information about the dangers of abortion, according to Mueller.

Volunteers educate teens and women about sexually transmitted diseases, the physical and emotional trauma of abortion and the physical side effects of contraceptives, director Lily Rovira said.

The volunteers also stress the importance of abstinence.

Volunteers listen to anyone who needs to talk and provide a confidential environment for them, Gray said.

"We want to save these babies and do everything we can to help people who feel so traumatized by an unexpected pregnancy," Mueller said.

"A baby is a life from the moment of conception," Rovira said.

The center offers information about open adoption agencies, as well as maternity homes where women can live with a family that will help them during their pregnancy.

New mothers are also given a care package that covers the infant's needs for the first week of life with blankets, diapers, bottles and pajamas as some of the items inside, Rovira said.

Volunteers at the center educate women on Project Rachel, an outreach program through St. Joseph Health, St. Mary in Apple Valley that offers counseling for women who have had an abortion and their families.

Sometimes it's been several years after an abortion and the woman's emotional pain over the experience remains, Mueller said, and Project Rachel offers a chance to heal.

"We care about you're healing and how you feel," she said.

Those who wish to utilize the center should bring identification for mother and baby. Appointments aren't needed.

The center is at 15800 Main St., Suite 240 and is open 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday and Tuesday, and 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday. For more information call 760-244-7675. The center is in search of volunteers to work Friday and Saturday.