With an ever-growing drive among policy makers, non-profit organizations and progressive businesses to promote sustainability, one Southern California Wastewater Agency has passed a resolution to specifically address environmental stewardship.

The Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority's Board of Commissioners unanimously passed a resolution that "adopts an environmentally-sustainable ethos." The agency is one of the first in the High Desert to do so, according to spokesman Ryan Orr.

The resolution reflects the agency's aim to "create a public consciousness of sustainable practices through outreach and education," as well as take "a holistic approach to unifying local resources for the benefit of the Victor Valley," according to the resolution.

The agency is planning to build two recycled water facilities in Hesperia and Apple Valley that Orr says would create a renewable water supply that would offset the area's potable water use by 8,960 acre-feet, or enough to sustain 18,000 households. The water created by the plant will be used for the irrigation of parks, schools and the Apple Valley Golf Course.

"We've always sought to use the most sustainable technologies possible to save our ratepayers as much money as we can," VVWRA general manager Logan Olds said, "while also setting an example of greener practices within the industry."