Local author Suzanne de Board will bring her pen, books and answers to the Hesperia Library on Thursday for adults and children alike.

Fans and newcomers are invited to interact with de Board from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Thursday where she will autograph books, answer questions and read out loud from her books. "The Gift," "Pen Pearls" and "Sarah Jane" will be available for purchase.

"Having local authors gives a chance for kids to realize they can make their dreams come true," said Hesperia Library assistant Julie Toomey, no matter where the kids may live.

"'The Gift' is a good young adult novel without the heavy pressures to be an adult," Toomey said, adding that most young adult novels have themes that involve romance or death.

"It's really, really good book," Toomey of The Gift, which she's read twice.

"She's a lovely, warm person and she really has a love for children and that comes out in her writing," Mission Crest Elementary School Librarian Linda Holden said of de Board. "She relates to kids real well."

Although she carries four copies of de Board's books in the school library, they are constantly checked out, with "a list a mile long" of kids waiting to read them, Holden said. She said she's read both The Gift and de Board's newest novel, "Sarah Jane," and finds them both well written.

A guest teacher for Hesperia Unified School District with a lifetime teaching credential from Point Loma University in San Diego, de Board was asked by a student why she still teaches if she's a writer.

"Number one is I get to be with you," de Board said to the student. She added that teaching helps her see what kids today are interested in, and the way they act and talk.

A long-term substitute teacher de Board had in 6th grade made a lasting impression on her when she assigned students to use 10 out of 26 words to write a story each week. De Board used all 26 and the teacher would read her stories to the class.

"What motivates Suzanne is the encouragement she got from that teacher," husband Willard Brumbaugh said. He said he believes the experience influenced her to be encouraging to children as well.

"I love kids, I enjoy kids when I'm not in the classroom I'm writing for kids or painting for kids," said de Board.

In The Gift, the land of the Forbidden Room is dying, and only an outsider princess can restore order and bring the land to life again. Like her mother and grandmother, before her, Belinda has 'The Gift," but the question stands on whether she'll have the courage to accept the invitation to enter this strange new land of magic and adventure, wonder and perhaps great danger.

In her newest novel, Sarah Jane, 9-year-old Sarah Jane is in trouble. Through no fault of her own, she is branded a witch, and witches must die, mustn't they?

"Pen Pearls" is an anthology that includes short stories, articles and poems for all ages.

In 2013, de Board expects to release at least three more novels, "Bumble Frog" and "Maya Bay of the Dolphin," as well as "Merlin's Revenge," the second book in the five book series that starts with The Gift.

De Board's books are available for purchase online at www.penpearls.com.

The Hesperia Library is at 9560 Seventh Ave. Contact the library at (760) 244-4898 for more upcoming events.