After being away from writing for more than 20 years, Hesperia resident Christine Besze said she couldn't help but start again when inspiration hit during a family vacation in 2009.

She found herself in what she called the perfect setting for a book while visiting a farming town in Fort Morgan, Colo.

"I fell in love with the characters I put a lot of myself in them and the people around me into them," Besze said, who would go on to publish "Everlasting Bond." She said the book was like a movie in her head that needed to be written.

With her husband, Zoltan Besze, and their children, Madison, 10, and Tyler, 7, her first priority, it took four years to complete the book with Christine working on her writing while the kids were in school, sleeping or playing.

"A mom has so many things to take care of and that always takes precedence over writing," friend Heather Petzoldt said.

An added challenge, Christine also has attention deficit hyperactive disorder.

"It's hard for her to focus on anything for very long," Petzoldt said.

"She's a great writer like the best writer I've ever seen," son Tyler Besze said. Daughter Madison Besze said it's cool her mom's a writer.

"I was rather impressed by what I read," Zoltan Besze said of his first time reading her work. "I've known her a long time and didn't know she had that in her."

Christine Besze stopped writing at the age of 13 when her grandmother, Ann Kessler, passed away from bone cancer.

"It reminded me too much of her I was real close with her," Christine Besze said.

But the ideas were always with her even though she didn't write, she said.

"She's really got gumption and motivation," said friend Ali Kimmel. "She's very talented and tells really good stories."

In Everlasting Bond, Katrina Davenport's junior year at Morgan Springs High starts off like any other boring and routine. Little does she know, fate has other plans. Cole Aldrich a mysteriously attractive new addition has arrived and will change everything. Katrina's eyes meet his just for a second, but that's all it takes for her body to lose itself in him. There's something about him that is pulling her in and she finds herself falling deeper under his spell.

Everlasting Bond is available in print at and in ebook format at and Christine is currently working on "Blood Ties," the second in the four book series.