They did what no other team in their division has done in years: they went 17-0 for the season.

The Blue Jays, one of five teams from the Hesperia American Little League's major league division, ages 10 to 12, won every game.

Blue Jays Assistant Coach Jason Lafferty said the buzz about the Blue Jays season is that people can't remember the last time there has been an undefeated team.

"I don't know the actual history on that," Jason Lafferty said, "but it was a pretty big deal to us. Our pitchers were our biggest advantage. We had a full pitching staff, whereas most of your teams only had two."

Proud mom Shannon Lafferty was quick to say that every one of those games was a game the team played and won; there were no forfeitures.

"That's why we are so stoked," said Shannon Lafferty. "Only four of the boys have been together for a second season. We had a lot of new boys on our team, and we had three boys who had never played ball at all."

The Lafferty's son, K.C. Lafferty, was an outfielder on the team and he too boasted about their pitchers. The family had nothing but praise also for their head coach, Mike Webster.

"Mike is an ex-college baseball player," Jason Lafferty said. "He is phenomenal, and he could build a pitcher from the ground up. Three of our five pitchers had never pitched a game in their lives. But he taught them, and they did well."

The Blue Jays planned to hold an awards ceremony on Sunday at Live Oaks Park to recognize the efforts of the team and coaches. They especially want to give the boys trophies and awards to remember their undefeated season, an important milestone for any athlete.

"The kids didn't want to say too much during the season because of that whole baseball jinx," Jason Lafferty said. "But they were ecstatic after every game. But when we got to the halfway point, I think it became real to them that they could go undefeated."

Another team mom, Samantha Stemrich, said all the boys worked hard and responded to the great coaching. Her son, Aaron Stemrich, played right field.

"They were undefeated and that hasn't happened on a major league team in a long time from what I understand," Samantha Stemrich said. "It was really great for my son to have that experience. I could not be more proud."