Dogs weren't the only pets enjoying a walk on Saturday at Civic Plaza Park.

Linda Neri brought her female Colombian Red Tail Boa Constrictor named Dulce, measuring more six feet long, to the first annual Pet Walk, Pet Fair and Adoption event sponsored by the Rotary Club of Hesperia and Hesperia Recreation and Park District.

"It's a pet walk, I figured might as well get her out, it's good for her to be touched— big snakes have to be socialized," Neri said.

"I can see everyone here loves all their pets," said Lyza McRae who was walking her Pomeranian, Mila. "There are good people out there who love their pets."

"We're animal lovers — we love to come out with our pets," and a place that welcomes pets is great for a weekend morning, said Ramona Priestly, who attended the event with her husband and two dogs.

"It's great to have him out to be around more dogs," said Mark Shaw, who brought his Daniff, a Great Dane and English Bull Mastiff mix, Conan — whose name means, "wee dog in Gaelic."

The event also offered people the opportunity to become new pet owners or add to their pet family.

The Hesperia Animal Shelter is competing in the $100K Rachel Ray ASPCA Shelter Challenge to win up to $130,000 and must find homes for more than 1,300 pets by Aug. 31.

For one foster mom, there was a personal interest in four kittens finding a new home.

"I wanted to save their lives and give them a chance to get a good home at their appropriate age," said Angel Kanagushiku who took in a stray cat and her kittens, which were too young to be without their mother and would've been put down. Two of the kittens had been adopted, and Kanagushiku adopted the mother, Lily.

Event sponsor Nutro Pet Food gave free food to people who adopted a pet. April West worked at the booth and also joined the pet walk.

"We're very passionate about our dogs and the food we make," West said. She advised people to choose their pet carefully, and to be aware of food allergies.

Suzanne Edson, animal control supervisor and Rotary Club president, estimated that about 400 people attended the event with 150 dogs, and at least 13 animals were adopted.

"Everybody is really liking the event and I think it will only grow from here," Edson said, with the intention to continue the event in 2014.

"I just love these events and supporting the rescue," said Connie Johnson, who had her pugs, Mama Dog and Zoey, with her. "Anything that supports animals, especially dogs, I'm there."