Before this year, the board policy for student transportation routes was two miles for middle and junior high schools, and three miles for the high schools. The current school board has changed this policy to increase each of these boundaries by half a mile. But most importantly, they have decided to enforce the boundaries even when it is not safe for the students.

Prior to this school year, student transportation safety was always first. The past administrations and school board believed getting the student to school safely was part of their educational day.

The City of Hesperia, mostly on the east side of town, does not have typical city street infrastructure. Many of our major roadways do not have sidewalks or are not wide enough to allow safe walking space. Jenkins, Peach, and most importantly "I" Avenue are narrow, steep, higher speed routes that we would not want our children on during the poorly lit early morning hours. In the winter, these routes sometimes become icy and are very unsafe for walking.

The City of Hesperia does not have the money to install sidewalks on these busy routes, so what we must live with is what we have currently. To force the students to use these unsafe routes is in no one's best interest.

The school district needs to reinstate the safety standards that were in place and provide the transportation necessary for the safety of our children from these unsafe walking routes that exist throughout our city. This issue is not about saving money, but putting our children's safety first.