Assemblyman Anthony Adams, who makes his home here in Hesperia when he's not in Sacramento, and other California Republican legislators are in a bind.

Because they are in the minority, Adams,, have no leverage to strong-arm the tax-and-spend Democrats. But California's budget crisis has to be resolved one way or the other.

It's kind of like they're a bunch of race track jockeys playing tug-of-war with burly NFL linemen. Winning the match isn't very likely.

So when Adams last week said that he might be willing to bend in order to end the budget stalemate many conservatives got angry. And it's no surprise. Taxing and spending got us into this mess. It surely won't get us out, at least not in the long run. We'll slide right back into the muck.

But Adams knows that. What Adams -- and most everyone else -- doesn't know is how to get the state's Democrat legislators to agree to stop growing the government. Maybe some of our elected officials need to go on "The Biggest Loser" and shed more than just pounds. How about shrinking the size of our Welfare State? Now that's something many of us should get excited about.


We received an email from a Hesperia resident who complained that he receives two Hesperia Star newspaper in his driveway rather than just one. One comes bundled with his Daily Press, the other is by itself.

All Daily Press subscribers who live in Hesperia do receive their Star inside their daily newspaper. Our company also rotates the distribution of free copies of the Hesperia Star. Unfortunately, sometimes our readers receive two copies as a result.

We'll pass along the reader's email to our circulation department. Perhaps there's a solution.


The San Bernardino County board of supervisors voted to hire the big guns and go after County Assessor Bill Postmus. They have set aside a quarter of a million dollars to hire John Hueston, the Los Angeles-based attorney who went after Enron executives Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling.

Hueston, who works with the law firm Irell & Manella, will make a progress report to the board on March 3.

Postmus would automatically be removed from office if he is convicted or pleads guilty to a felony charge. He was arrested and released last month on a drug possession charge. Hueston could also consider pursuing civil charges against the former First District Supervisor.


Star reporter Beau Yarbrough, who is covering the local "Extreme Makeover" story for the Daily Press and Hesperia Star, received at least 20 calls from readers asking how they can get involved.

According to Beau, those who are interested should log onto for more information.

By the way, among those volunteering their time and labor are the Steeno Design Studio, Murphy Home Construction and Christianbelle Electric of Hesperia, along with members of the Baldy View chapter of the Building Industry Association.