Hesperia Pride Boxing Club is on the move -- literally.

The gym owned by former boxer and longtime Hesperia insurance agent Al Piccione moved north a few blocks from its Epicentre location.

"We like the location," Piccione said.

Like most gyms, Hesperia Pride has exercise equipment.

"We have a couple ladies who workout here. They've very happy with the results."

But the cornerstone of the club is its professional boxing ring, bags and other equipment for the professional or amateur boxer.

The most noted boxer to come out of Piccione's gym in recent years is Khadaphi Proctor, a new professional who is impressing the boxing world with his natural talent and drive.

"He's won three in a row."

Proctor's only loss last year came in a highly competitive bout in Albany, New York.

"I'm really proud of him. He's doing really good."

Another amateur who is expected to turn professional later this year is Jacob Alvarez, who went 2-0 in 2008. Martin Alvarez is 2-1. Brothers Damien and Marcus Brown also are expected to do great things in the near future.

But it's 16-year-old Sultana High student Sammy Ramirez, who already has a 4-0 record in the amateur fights, that has Piccione excited. The youngster has an almost limitless talent, his coach says.

Altogether, Hesperia Pride had a 11-2 record last year, and that has Piccione smiling.

"I'm really excited. I'm 60 years old and I'm more excited than I ever was. There are some big things that are going to happen here."

Hesperia Pride Boxing Club is located at 10232 I Ave. #9. For more information, call 948-3797.