A sixth grade Cypress School of the Arts student has been suspended after he allegedly brandished a knife at school on Wednesday.

Cypress principal Scott Sheffield explained the incident in an automated phone message to parents on Thursday.

"Yesterday, one of our students was reported to have threatened another with a small pocketknife," Sheffield said in part. "I want you to know that no injuries were sustained as a result of this incident, and both the school site administration and our school district police are conducting a thorough investigation. Once the inquiry has been completed, appropriate consequences will be administered."

According to HUSD school police chief Mike Graham, the suspect has been suspended and cited for brandishing a weapon.

"One of the boys was in the bathroom with a bunch of other boys, showing his knife," Graham said Thursday. "It was a short one, short blade."

Contrary to rumors circulating earlier in the week, Graham said, "the suspect did not hold it to [the alleged victim's] throat, just pointed it at him" and threatened him.

The victim did not see the knife himself, according to Graham, but another witness told him the suspect had it in his hand at the time he made the threat.

A disciplinary committee composed of Sheffield and administrators from two others sites with no ties to the suspect will review the case and present their recommendation to the school board, who will vote on it, probably at their April 6 meeting.

"I would bet just about my next paycheck that he'll more than likely be expelled," Graham said. "It's a serious thing, but it wasn't as dangerous as it was originally made out to be."

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