A group of Canyon Ridge High School students rolled up their sleeves and gave the gift of life during a recent LifeStream blood drive.

"By having this blood drive they're helping us reach our goal of 500 pints a day," said Kristy Heisser, area manager for LifeStream, which holds blood donation events throughout the county. "They're helping to save lives."

In fact, Heisser said, the blood from each student blood donor can save three lives, or as many as eight infants.

"They're very excited about that."

Each of the 10 students had to earn the right to donate by making sure there school work was done.

"They had to be caught up on their work," said Stephanie Nichols, an ASB advisor who helped organize the event. "They're a good group of kids."

Before students can give blood, they are given a "mini physical." They have their blood pressure, temperature, iron levels and heart rate taken by medical personnel.

"Then they go onto the bus for a confidential screening."

Inside the LifeStream vehicle, which has several areas for the donors, they are asked about travel outside of the U.S., their health history and possible exposure to HIV and hepatitis.

Student Guadalupe Rodriguez, 18, has donated blood six times already.

"I want to save lives," she said.

Senior Christian Argulo, who has given three times, actually enjoyed the experience.

"I love it," Argulo said. "You get out of class, and it's actually fun knowing your helping people."

Afterward, the donors stay in a "canteen" area where they get refreshments, including juice and snacks. Then they go back to their activities.

Not only are the students learning about helping others, but their actions are lessons for others to learn from.

"All donors are so important to us," Heisser said. "High schoolers love to give."