For Juniper Elementary School students, buying Christmas gifts just requires taking a break at lunchtime.

The school is operating a Santa Shop through Tuesday, selling gifts for prices ranging from 50 cents to $10.

"It was a fund-raiser for our [Parent Teacher Club] group," said school librarian Kathleen Chavez. "Students were allowed to come in and purchase Christmas items. They were already gift-wrapped."

There are unwrapped samples of the gifts available, of course, allowing students to pick out various holiday-themed items without the hassle of having to then wrap the gifts they purchased.

"There was, like a #1 Dad Christmas ornament, and they could see it up there and say 'I want that,'" said Chavez.

The Santa Shop is open before and after school and during lunch.

"This is the first year we've done this. So far it's been a huge success," said Chavez. "If there's 700 kids, at least half of the kids have bought something."

For more information on Juniper Elementary School's Santa Shop, call Chavez at 760-244-6161.

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