Hesperia Unified school board member Lee Rogers will not contest the results of November's close election.

Rogers and her husband "had a major talk about this last night. We're just not going to do it," she said Thursday. "Whatever happened happened, you know?"

When Rogers went to bed on Election Night, she was in third place in a race for three open seats on the board, with school board president Black in fourth place. The next morning, their positions were reversed. As the San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters updated the count with the results of provisional and damaged ballots, the gap grew wider and wider, although still relatively narrow compared to the total of 40,937 votes cast. On Tuesday, the registrar's office certified the election results, making it official that Black had beaten Rogers by a mere 76 votes.

He will be sworn in alongside fellow candidates Niccole Childs and Eric Swanson at Monday's school board meeting.

Rogers hopes the new board will let go of the animosity that plagued the body's most recent incarnation.

"I just hope this board gets straightened up and gets together and does things that are best for the district, and stops with the 'I,' 'me,' 'my' thing," Rogers said. "We've got a lot of good people in this district, you know, I mean the whole city, and we have take care of everybody."

Even if Rogers and her husband aren't interested in asking for a recount -- which will cost the requester an estimated $8,000 for the first day of assembling all the ballots and to begin the recount -- her supporters might decide otherwise.

"We're still exploring it. We haven't made a final decision yet," said Tom Kerman, the president of the Hesperia Teachers Association. The HTA endorsed and financed both Rogers' and Childs' campaigns this year, and was still sitting on nearly $50,000 in campaign funds as of the last reporting date on Oct. 21.

"It's kind of a tough one to let go," said Kerman. Black had asked for the HTA to endorse his candidacy, which the union rejected. "The prospects of it, from what we're hearing, isn't good, as far as [the results] changing."

The union is likely to make a final decision "at the last minute," Kerman said.

Requests for a recount must be received by the registrar's office on Monday, Nov. 6 at 5 p.m.

"I'm good with it. I'm OK with it," said Rogers. "That's just the way it was. ... I'm just prayerful that we move forward."

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