Hesperia leaders, residents and agencies recently gathered to honor those who volunteer their time throughout the year for the city.

Robert Espinosa with the Hesperia Recreation and Park District, Donna Sandoval with the Odyssey Hospice and Richard Amos with the Community Emergency Response Team were named volunteers of the year during the Hesperia Volunteer Network 2012 Volunteer Appreciation Dinner on April 19 at the Perry Bakker Center.

"This was the first year for the Hesperia Volunteer Network appreciation dinner," said Lindsay Woods, general manager for the park district. "It was nice to be able to see all the volunteers from the different agencies. We appreciate the different agencies and volunteers that help make Hesperia a better community."

The Hesperia Volunteer Network gives nonprofit agencies a place to post volunteer opportunities, then volunteers can search the website for a chance to serve their community.

Rachelle Molina helped develop the software program for the website, works with local nonprofits to help them find volunteers and coordinated the recent appreciation dinner.

The Sheriff's Office Culinary program catered the food, and the event was sponsored by the city of Hesperia, Hesperia Recreation and Park District, Golden Corral, Matich Corporation, Griffin Structures Inc., Aleshire & Wynder law firm and ICO Investments.

For more information on the volunteer network, call (760) 947-1367, email volunteernetwork@cityofhesperia.us or visit www.cityofhesperia.us.

City of Hesperia Volunteer Network 2012 shining stars

City of Hesperia Committees

Joline Bell Hahan, Rosemarie Hellmich, James Heywood, Kim Jones, Leisa Lewis, Ella "Lee" Rogers, Sophie Steeno, Craig Sundgren and Al Volger

City of Hesperia volunteers

Vickie Atwell, Clint Buntin, Dejon Coleman, Heather Gallizzi, Carrie Gavotte, Fabian Green, Laura Gutierrez, Chelsie Moser, Arielle Padilla, Brandy Perrine, Jamie Phillips, Marisa Stark and Joyce Trudo-Raff

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Al Acevdeo, Rory Aguilar, Richard Amos, Yvonne Gomez, Shawnee Gutirrez, Sandra Halford, Bryon Hatt, Robert Kirk, Valerie Kirk, Pat Kohut, Pat Kriske, John Macklis, Jim McCauley, Garry McDonald, Joyce Raff, Bill Ramsey, Barbara Rodriguez, Carmen Rodriguez, Rudy Rodriguez, Jay Sewell, Greg Smith, Mike Spivak, Laurie Walter and Larry Walton

Hesperia Recreation and Park District

Robert Espinosa, Manny Flores, Chris Stangle, Angela Stangle, Bob Teran and Larry Thompson

Desert Communities United Way

Kim Hallmark, Rosa Enriquez and Sandra Rings

Moses House

Nancy Reed, John Gratz, Jim Grunert and Amber Nutt

Odyssey Hospice

Vicki Gagnon, Deborah Murphy and Donna Sandoval

Victor Valley Family Resource Center

Denise Bond, Patricia Scott and April Stith