HESPERIA A caller offering to provide seniors with replacement Medicare cards conferring added benefits is being reported in the Victor Valley, and officials are warning local residents against the scam.

One Hesperia man was contacted by a caller with a foreign accent asking for his mother's personal information, including her bank account number. He said the call originated in Florida and he declined to give the information.

The scam's not new and similar ones have been reported as early as 2006. Officials advise seniors to protect their Medicare and Social Security cards, show them only to known medical staff and to not give out account numbers over the phone.

Once personal information is obtained, criminals can use it to withdraw funds from one's bank or fraudulently obtain Medicare benefits on the compromised account, authorities say.

Seniors who think they have been victimized by a scam may call the San Bernardino County Adult Protective Services hotline at (877) 565-2020 or their local sheriff's station.