Over its 25-year history, Hesperia has grown into a community that many are proud to call home, according to Rachel Molina, public information officer for the city. She says its residents have played a significant part in making it the warm and welcoming place it is today.

To honor and recognize all that Hesperia has become, the city is planning to fill a time capsule with historical and personal mementos. The items that will ultimately be placed in the capsule will be unveiled during the city's Spring Safety Fair on May 3. The event will be held from noon to 4 p.m. in Civic Plaza Park, 5833 Smoke Tree St.

"During all of our past anniversary celebrations, many people have suggested the idea of filling a time capsule," said Molina. "We thought doing it in conjunction with our 25th anniversary celebration would be the perfect time. And instead of burying it, we will place it on display at City Hall to remind people of our great history."

Molina said nothing has been written in stone quite yet as far as what will exactly be going into the capsule. Through April 4, residents are invited to submit items for consideration, such as photographs, maps, books, commemorative pins and other memorabilia.

Molina said the Hesperia Chamber of Commerce, Hesperia Unified School District and Hesperia Recreation and Park District also will be submitting items that will be considered for placement in the historical container.

"The city is thinking of putting a couple really wonderful lapel buttons in the capsule that were made when it was first incorporated," said Molina. "They really are a nice way to look back at our roots.

"We also hope to add something from our annual Hesperia Days event, as well as maybe a memento from the golf course, which used to be on the PGA tour."

Despite having not decided on all of the items for the capsule, the city will be placing poems in it from Hesperia students in grades K-12. A poetry contest is being held that will result in one poem being chosen for the capsule from a student in each grade.

Additionally, the city is holding a photography contest that is open to all residents. Entries are being accepted through April 4 at socialmedia@cityofhesperia.us and can be submitted in JPG or PDF format.

According to Molina, five photos will be chosen to be placed into the time capsule. The winners of the poetry and photo contests will be announced at the Spring Safety Fair.

"We are looking for photos that tell a story about Hesperia's past and present," Molina said. "And we would like the students to write poems that capture what they like most about living here."

Although the time capsule is not very large (9 inches long by 6 inches high by 15 inches wide), Molina believes its items will paint a vivid picture of where Hesperia has been and its future possibilities. She said city officials have made plans for the capsule to be opened during Hesperia's 50th anniversary celebration.

"Our goal with the time capsule is to successfully capture Hesperia's evolution from the past right up to the present," said Molina. "When people open it 25 years from now, it is our hope they will appreciate all the effort and love that has gone into building our wonderful town and community."