As the nation continues to rebound from the Great Recession, High Desert resident and business owner William Boyle says he can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Boyle, owner of Roll Over Beethoven’s music store in Hesperia, admits he came very close to having to shut his doors during the height of the economic crisis.

Somehow, Boyle found a way to stay afloat and these days he’s whistling a much happier tune.

“Prior to the recession, our business was showing a steady growth every year,” said Boyle. “But then things got really bad and I had to cut back in a lot of areas. Thankfully, we kept most of our employees.

“I’m finally starting to relax as I see economic conditions getting better.”

When Boyle opened Roll Over Beethoven’s in 1989, he says he hoped to become a mainstay in the community. Initially, his store offered a small selection of instruments for sale, as well as a limited number of music lessons.

Over the years, his inventory grew along with his teaching staff and customer base. The store currently has eight instructors who teach everything from drums and guitar to violin and piano.

According to Boyle, he has employed some of the most experienced and dedicated teachers in the High Desert. The cost for private instruction is $80 per month for four 30-minute lessons.

“Regardless of what level a student is at, we can match them with the right teacher,” said Boyle. “And all of our instructors are great and very well respected. I believe having them here has played a big part in building our store’s reputation.”

In addition to music lessons, Roll Over Beethoven’s specializes in new and used instrument sales. Boyle says he carries many of the most sought after brands, including Ibanez, Seagull and Fender guitars, as well as Casio and Roland keyboards and digital pianos.

The store also offers a selection of amps, microphones, accessories and portable PA systems.

“Certain brands sell really well so we’ve really focused on getting those in,” said Boyle. “We now have the Fender line, which is really a big deal. They only let a certain amount of stores sell their products in a given area, so we are really happy to carry them.”

Earlier this year, Boyle’s store began selling vintage vinyl albums. He says is steadily building his inventory to accommodate the growing number of collectors.

“The vinyl record business is getting more popular so we are really focused on expanding that part of our store,” said Boyle. “It’s been really fun to collect the inventory and learn what albums people are most interested in.”

As Roll Over Beethoven’s inventory continues to grow, so does demand for its music classes, Boyle said. With the summer season approaching, he suggests signing up for lessons as soon as possible to guarantee a slot.

For more information, call 760-244-8822 or visit