Finding ways to let go of tension in our hectic and harried world can be a difficult task. There are a number of methods, but Cheri Light, owner of Destination Yoga in Hesperia, says yoga in all forms is by far one of the best and most effective stress relievers around.
Light’s studio offers everything from beginner adult and youth classes to Pilates and power vinyasa yoga (a combination of movement and breathing).
“In the West, the word yoga has often been interpreted to mean union between mind and body,” said Light, who received her certification from The White Lotus Foundation in teacher and advanced teacher training. “It’s a way of being rather than something you do, and a way of uncovering and discovering who you really are.”
In 2002, Light opened her studio, which was the first of its kind in the High Desert. She says she was inspired to start the business by her love of yoga and a desire to help others become more healthy and fit. She also was passionate about making yoga accessible to everyone, regardless of their age or physical condition.
“Since the beginning, our mission has been to teach a fusion of styles,” said Light. “We guide students in a way that allows them to challenge themselves and make modifications when necessary.
“Destination Yoga classes are taught with an emphasis on positive motivation so students can experience yoga in mind, body and soul.”
According to Light, even those who are ill or have physical limitations can practice yoga. She says classes for beginners involve gentle movements and students are encouraged to work at their own pace.
They will be instructed on postures, breathing and meditation. In addition, students will learn proper alignment, modifications, lines of energy and breath control, as well the history of yoga. The classes conclude with 15 minutes of guided meditation.
“If people are new to yoga, they’ll be most comfortable in beginners level at first,” said Light. “After they take these for a while, they might want to try our more advanced classes.
“My advice is to just be at ease and practice at your own level.”
Along with firming and strengthening the body, Light says yoga has a long list of health benefits. Studies have shown it can lower blood sugar and blood pressure, ease menopausal hot flashes, reduce back pain and improve depression-related anxiety.
“Increasingly, people are turning to yoga practice for stress relief and to create a peaceful life,” said Light. “It is not just about twisting and turning.
“It’s about listening and moving into a place deep within you and being guided from there. Harmful thoughts and feelings start to subside and a new sense of self begins to take hold.”
Destination Yoga offers classes Monday through Thursday at various times, as well as on Saturdays. Light says her staff of certified instructors has extensive experience and impeccable credentials.
Classes range from $14 for one class to $220 for a group of 20. The studio is located at 18361 Bear Valley Road, Suite 9. For more information, visit or call 760-956-1261.