A local bar known for its frequent fundraisers to help out local families in need is planning a fundraiser this weekend to help provide transportation for a man stricken with lifelong illnesses.
On Sunday, the Cadillac Ranch Saloon in Apple Valley will host a fundraising event for Terry Brosch, 27, who was born with muscular dystrophy, scoliosis and cerebral palsy.
Scores of local residents and members of local motorcycle clubs recently gathered to celebrate the 27th birthday of Brosch. Moye said she attended the birthday gathering where she first met Brosch, though she’s known Mary Ann Cunningham, Brosch’s mother, for a couple of years.
Moye said she didn’t know until recently Cunningham was caring for a child in Brosch’s condition.
“He can barely use his hands to use the controls on his wheelchair,” Moye said. “He never went to school, never had a girlfriend, never went and even had a beer.”
Brosch’s condition requires specialized transportation for him to leave the house. Each time he needs to travel to a doctor’s visit or other necessary location, Moye said the family has to pay American Medical Response to give Terry a secure ride.
Now, the Ranch owner and patrons are teaming up to help raise approximately $2,500 to purchase a van that can get Brosch out of the house safely and protect his fragile condition.
“The seller (of the van) is going to donate time to bring Terry to the Ranch for the fundraiser,” Moye said. “He’ll be able to see music, even have a beer if he wants.”
The event for Brosch will begin with sign-ups for a motorcycle ride and poker game at 9 a.m. at Cadillac Ranch, though cars are welcome for the ride, which includes a stop at Joshua Inn in Hesperia. The cost is $15 per driver and $5 per passenger. The highest hand from the sealed poker envelopes will win $150. The event will feature live music, barbecue, vendors and raffles, and, according to Moye, “lots of love.” The “party” portion of the event kicks off after the motorcycle ride ends at the bar at approximately 1 p.m.
Last weekend, Cadillac Ranch hosted a similar event for Caleb Lucas, 7, who is need of a heart transplant.
“Our bikers have the biggest hearts ever,” Moye said. “They donate more to charity than most groups in the United States. This is what they want to do for these kids. They say, ‘We’re doing this right now. Terry needs that van. Caleb needs that heart.’ It’s an amazing thing.”
Cadillac Ranch Saloon is located at 22581 Outer Highway 18 in Apple Valley. For more information, call the bar at 760-247-7060.
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