HESPERIA — Tania Ramos said her mother’s favorite green jar is now filled with petals that she pulled from the red roses that adorned her casket.
Myra Marquez, was buried at Sunset Hills Memorial Park and Mortuary in Apple Valley Jan. 23 after many years of serving Jesus and telling others about her relationship with her savior, Ramos said.
“She never knew what to do with that jar,” said Ramos, of Hesperia. “It's now our new table centerpiece.”
Ramos and an army of Marquez’s friends told the Daily Press Marquez worked with a passion as the missionary director for Child Evangelism Fellowship, a Bible-centered organization whose purpose is to evangelize children with the gospel.
“She was with Child Evangelism Fellowship for about 20 years, about 12 of those years in the Los Angeles area where we lived,” Ramos said. “She was dedicated to her ministry right until the very end.”
Ramos said one time after her mother called 911 because she was having issues with her heart, Marquez printed off a copy of what her CEF group would need for the weekend.
Ramos said speaking publicly was so emotionally and physically draining for Marquez that her mother would have to take a nap when she arrived home.
“Most people knew my mom as the happy-go-lucky person who loved to speak in public,” Ramos said. “But Mom was a very quiet and introverted person.”
After Marquez died on Jan. 12 from heart issues, family and friends filled her Facebook page with words of shock, sadness, joy and inspiration.
Many called her a candle that inspired an entire community.
Posters said Marquez was a wonderful example of a “woman of God” who was filled with faith and never let anything stop her from doing what “her Heavenly Father” called her to do.
“She was kind and loved teaching children in child evangelism and I went to her house for extra tutoring,” said Joan Endsley who helps with the Good News Bible Club at Kingston Elementary School in Hesperia. “She encouraged me greatly, and she visited me and prayed with me when I was in the hospital.”
“She was not a rich woman, she barely got by. Her life was devoted to ministering to and leading children to Christ,” posted Melanie Juarez on Facebook. “Myra was not rich in money, she was rich in bibles. If you didn't have one, she'd give you one.”
In a conversation with Daily Press in 2014, Marquez said it brought her “much joy” when she helped children to understand the “riches and the glory of meeting Jesus Christ.”
“Serving Christ is what I live for,” Marquez told the paper. “Jesus is my everything.”
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