Enthusiastic Pokemon trainers flocked to Hesperia Civic Plaza Park on Thursday in hopes to expand their Pokedex and claim supremacy at local Pokemon gyms as the Hesperia Recreation and Parks District held their first-ever Pokemon Go community event.

While Pokepalooza had been scheduled for an earlier date and had to be moved due to the Bluecut Fire, the turnout did not seem to suffer as people showed up in numbers nearing a thousand.

Food, games and face painting kept gamers busy when taking a break from Pokemon hunting. The night culminated in a showing of "Pokemon: The Movie 2000." 

Pokemon Go uses a phone's GPS and clock to determine where the user is and what type of Pokemon will spawn.

Hesperia Civic Plaza Park, which has already proved to be one of the most popular spots in the Victor Valley for residents to play the popular mobile game, features multiple Pokemon gyms — a virtual location where gamers can battle for the right as the gym's top trainer — and many Pokestops that allow trainers to refill in-game items.