The more our country’s fascination with fast food grows, the harder the task becomes to convince Americans to stick to a healthy diet. Even so, the Chino-based company Nutrition Corp. seems to be up to such a challenge.

Proving its influence with customers across the nation, the manufacturer of pre-packaged healthy entrees recently shipped out its 1 millionth meal, according to founder and CEO Loreen Asseo.

The 24-year-old entrepreneur said the milestone gives her hope that people are beginning to understand and embrace the fact that nutrition plays a key role in maintaining a healthy body.

“I started my business with the intention of helping people get healthy, not to make a lot of money,” said Asseo, whose company ships nationwide, including to the High Desert. “My mission is being accomplished every single day and it’s truly been a rewarding venture.

“I am just amazed at how we’ve grown. I started out with eight employees and now I have over 50.”

Nutrition Corp. houses several brands of pre-packaged entrees, including IONutrition and Fresh n’ Lean, which are its own private labels. They consist of plant-based and animal-based meals made with the finest ingredients nature has to offer, Asseo said.

“I refuse to compromise on ingredients,” said Asseo. “We only use organic meats, fruits and vegetables and wild-caught fish.”

According to Asseo, the idea to start Nutrition Corp. began when she began preparing nutritious meals for her father, who was in extremely poor health. She said his life literally depended on him changing his eating habits and she seized the opportunity to help him to do so.

“I was in college for fashion design but then my father got the news from his doctor that his cholesterol levels were dangerously high,” said Asseo. “We knew that he could die an early death if he didn’t change his ways.

“So I began researching what he should eat to get healthy and put him on a brand new eating plan. He stuck to it and it wasn’t long before his health started to turn around. He is now 100 percent healthy and feeling better than ever, which is proof to me that food really is our medicine.”

Asseo said Nutrition Corp.’s meal plans are divided into a two-tiered system featuring weekly options, as well as a la carte items. Weekly plans are designed to seamlessly fit into any schedule while a la carte items allow customers the opportunity to try a variety of seasonal recipes.

Both Fresh n’ Lean and IONutrition meals are made without preservatives, additives, dairy, gluten, GMOs, hormones, added sugar or soy. Additionally, they fit within paleo, vegan, flexitarian and celiac-sensitive diets.

Prices start at about $9 per meal, Asseo said. They are shipped in insulated, specially sealed packaging to guarantee freshness.

“I believe people rely on mass-produced or frozen foods because of its availability,” said Aseeo. “I want plans like IONutrition and Fresh n’ Lean to change people’s perception of convenience by introducing expertly prepared, nutritious meals that are delivered right to your door.”

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