Three cheers for Sultana High School!

On Feb. 28, the school’s 25-member cheerleading team competed at Magic Mountain in the West Coast Championship and won first place, as well as the showmanship award.

According to head varsity cheerleading coach Chelsie Green, this was a special victory for the squad. She sat down with the Hesperia Star and provided some insight into what it took to score the win.


HS: What do you attribute to your team’s success?

CG: The girls worked so hard this year. They are incredibly talented and always push themselves to the limit. I believe they proved they are capable of anything they put their minds to on and off the mat.


HS: What three qualities do your team members possess that you are most proud of.

CG: I would say determination, ambition and self-confidence are the key qualities that have made them winners.


HS: Who has influenced you the most on your own coaching journey?

CG: I had incredible mentors throughout my personal sports career. Lainie Lugo, HR Lugo and Dale Ford are the three people who have formed my outlook on coaching. Dale Ford was my cheer coach in high school at Sultana and we won 1st place and received the title of West Coast Champions in 2009.

In 2009 he left Sultana and became the cheerleading coach at Oak Hills High School. I am lucky enough to have worked closely with him and have him as a mentor. Sultana Cheer would not be what it is today without the impact of Dale.


HS: What are your coaching philosophies?

CG: My coaching philosophies are simple. I believe that my team needs to be able to trust me and I work all year on building that trust. I believe that physical fitness also is a key to success, so my team works out every day. I push them to be all that they can be.

I believe they need to have fun and enjoy their high school career, as well. They need to be involved in school activities and promote school spirit.

These kids knew that if they put all our long hours of practice to use we could have a positive outcome, and that’s just what they did.


HS: What's coming up in the way of competitions or other events?

CG: Cheer tryouts are quickly approaching. We will be attending summer camp and beginning to prepare for football season before we know it.