HESPERIA — Families and faculty cheered as young students from Carmel Elementary School made their way down a red carpet while celebrating the school’s second Young Authors Celebration on Wednesday evening.

The school recognized 12 students who had their stories published and awarded them with a certificate, a small personal gift and a copy of their own book.

Principal Craig Gunter said although this is only the second Young Authors Event he hopes it will continue to grow for both the school and the kindergarten through sixth grade students who participated.

“Sometimes we don't do enough to recognize the outstanding leadership or writing skills of these students and this event is just that, to show these students just how much we appreciate them and the hard work they have done,” Gunter said. “I’m really proud of each student. I think the hardest part for some of them was going up to talk about their book in front of everyone.”

Each student and their family received a copy of their book, while additional copies were placed in the school library for other students to enjoy.

Rebecca Riley, a third-grade teacher at Carmel, said the event student driven as each one got the chance to experience what it was like to go through the process of being an author.

“Each student who went through this process and wrote a story had it submitted to the Apple Valley Committee as they looked through stories and choose the best ones,” Riley said. “Those books were then type up, illustrated in color and sent off to the printer and actually made into a book.”

After Craig gave the opening speech, each student was called up to the podium as they introduced themselves and gave a short speech about their book. Each book consisted of various genres from fantasy to coming of age stories with a valuable lesson both the characters in the story and students learned from. 

While most student chose to write a story on their own, others worked together as they collaborated on ideas regarding the plots, themes and morals of their stories.

Andrew Concepcion, 10, of Hesperia, wrote a story titled “Dragon Adventure” where a father and son get shipwrecked on an island for three years and the son discovers a dragon while on the island and they become friends.

“My favorite part about my book is when the boy rides away on the dragon going home,” Andrew said. “They were on that island for so long that he was happy to be going home.”

Andrew’s mother Yessenia Alvarez, 28, of Hesperia, said she was really proud of her son and the effort he put into his award-winning story.

“He’s such a go-getter kind of kid and when he told me about the award I cried,” Alvarez said. “It’s wonderful to know he’s doing really well in school and being aware of something he loves doing.”

After the ceremony, all the library copies of each book were placed in the back of the room for each of the young student authors to autograph.

Montzerratt Arvizu, 10, of Hesperia, wrote a story titled “The Missing Sapphire” where three men find a sapphire but the king of the kingdom becomes jealous thinking these men will become richer than he is and tries to steal the sapphire.

“The lesson about my book was that it’s importance to not be greedy towards others and be happy with what you have,” Montzerratt said.

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