We have a scorpion in the sky!

Scorpio is one of the largest and most recognizable constellations in the sky and certainly in the zodiac. The most noticeable star in Scorpio is Antares (which means "rival of Mars"), the so-called "Heart of the Scorpion."

Other zodiacal constellations visible include Sagittarius (the archer), Libra (the scales) and Virgo (the maiden). And Ophiuchus (the serpent-bearer) and sometimes referred to as the 13th zodiac constellation.

I include this note because both Mars (now the brightest "star" in the sky) and Saturn are in Ophiuchus. Mars resembles an amber-colored star.

Saturn is a glorious sight with its rings wide open.

Jupiter (in Leo) is well past the zenith and beginning its westward march toward the evening twilight. We currently have no morning "stars" at all.

On Monday, planet Earth reached "aphelion" (the farthest it gets from the sun). We have a meteor shower this month, the Delta Aquarids, predawn on July 13.

You'll hear from me again in August. I hope you had a happy Independence Day!