Anyone looking to get on the fast track to success may want to consider scheduling a coaching session with Hesperia intuitive consultant Roger Goodsell.

According to Goodsell, he’s a natural born coach who has spent the last several years helping local companies and individuals succeed in life beyond their wildest dreams.

He said he said he uses his intuition to provide his clients with advice on everything from how to attract more customers to their businesses, as well as building more harmonious relationships.

“Many of my clients want to change their lives for the better and some want help handling all of the challenges they already have,” said Goodsell, a native of San Diego. “Others just feel stuck and are seeking guidance on what’s next.”

Goodsell started out on his professional journey in the 1950s building engines for race cars. He worked in the NASCAR and NHRA arenas, as well as with many private auto racing groups.

It was through this profession that Goodsell said he developed his intuitive skills.

“I never had any formal schooling for building race car engines but somehow, I just knew what the engine needed to make it better, stronger, faster and a winner,” said Goodsell, who moved to Hesperia in 2015 with his wife Jo Anne. “My colleagues would often ask, ‘How did you know that?’ I just knew that I knew.”

In 2009, Goodsell tapped into that same sense of knowing about a new direction in life that was on the horizon. He began taking psychic and mediumship classes with nationally-renowned psychic Debra Hookey. He said it wasn’t long before it became apparent he was being spiritually led take his gifts to a whole new level.

“My clients come to me from a variety of backgrounds with a variety of issues,” said Goodsell. “I consider myself deeply spiritual and my guidance is grounded in the everyday world we live in.

“I tell my clients what it is that I see, hear and feel, and I encourage them to make their own decisions by using and trusting their own intuition.”

According to Goodsell, every individual has an inner guidance system which they can tap into at any time. He admits that while it does take practice and some training in order to learn how to discern what it is telling you, the power of faith and belief it is what sets it in motion.

“I’ve always believed that everything we need to know is out there in the ethers,” said Goodsell.” “All you have to do is ask the right questions and tap into it by being still and listening for the answers. It’s a gift from God.”

Goodsell said he offers private sessions at reasonable rates for individuals, couples, families and businesses. For more information, call 714-855-9286 or send an email to