Between the shopping, baking, decorating and parties, the holidays leave all of us in need of a little extra down time. One way to relax might be to take the family or your significant other out for a movie night. There are plenty being released this month, which will appeal to all ages and interest.

Here’s our rundown of a few that look especially intriguing:

“Jackie” - Dec. 2

Rated R

Following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy (Natalie Portman) must soldier on through her grief in order to be a comfort to her children, as well as define her husband's historic legacy. The film also chronicles the days leading up to the tragedy and the immediate aftermath.

“Believe” - Dec. 2

Rated PG

Keeping up with a longstanding tradition, the small town of Grundy, Virginia has relied on the Peyton family to provide the highlight of the year — the annual Christmas pageant. When Matthew Peyton (Ryan O’Quinn) inherits the family business, he becomes responsible for organizing the pageant. Meanwhile, financial hardships fall on the town, as well as Matthew’s newly-acquired business. He must decide between selling the family company and cancelling the pageant or moving forward with the event despite the obstacles. By chance, Matthew meets Clarence (Issac Ryan Brown), a boy who believes in miracles, and his mother Sharon (Danielle Nicolet), who teach him to about the power of faith.

“Sugar Mountain” - Dec. 9


A man named Miles is deep in debt to a local thug (Jason Momoa). With nowhere to hide, Miles persuades his girlfriend Lauren and his brother Liam to help fake his disappearance in the Alaskan wilderness. The townspeople ban together to find Miles but the local sheriff (Cary Elwes) is suspicious and begins to suspect foul play. As he closes in on the truth, Liam struggles to conceal the hoax and in the process, exposes a secret that rocks him and Lauren to the core. The couple struggle to stay one step ahead of a sadistic thug and the tenacious cops before Miles is gone for good.

“Office Christmas Party” - Dec. 9

Rated R

When the CEO of a company (Jennifer Aniston) tries to close her hard-partying brother's (T.J. Miller) office branch, he and his chief technical officer (Jason Bateman) must rally their co-workers and host an epic company Christmas party in an effort to impress a potential client and close a sale that will save their jobs.

“Solace” - Dec. 16

Rated R

FBI Special Agent Joe Merriwether (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is in a fix. He is unable to solve a series of homicides, so he decides to enlist the help of his former colleague Dr. John Clancy (Anthony Hopkins), a retired physician with psychic powers. Clancy is a recluse who wants nothing to do with the case. But he soon has a change of heart after seeing disturbingly violent visions of Joe's partner, FBI Special Agent Katherine Cowles's (Abbie Cornish) ultimate demise. Clancy's exceptional intuitive powers put him on the trail of a suspect, Charles Ambrose (Colin Farrell), but the doctor soon realizes his abilities are no match against the extraordinary powers of this vicious murderer on a mission.

“La La Land” - Dec. 16

Rated PG

“La La Land” tells the tale of Mia (Emma Stone), an aspiring actress, and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling), a dedicated jazz musician, who are struggling to make ends meet in a city known for crushing hopes and breaking hearts. It is set in modern-day Los Angeles and explores themes of everyday life, as well as the ups and downs of pursuing your dreams.

“Passengers” - Dec. 21

Rated PG

While journeying through space to a new home, Jim (Chris Pratt) and Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence) are awakened 90 years too early when their ship malfunctions. The space travelers must face the fact they may be forced to live the rest of their lives on board. They begin to fall for each other, unable to deny their intense attraction until they discover their space ship is in grave danger. With the lives of 5,000 sleeping passengers at stake, only Jim and Aurora can save them all.

“Why Him” - Dec. 23

Not Yet Rated

Ned (Bryan Cranston), an overprotective but loving dad, embarks on a holiday trip to visit his daughter at Stanford University. Once there, Ned meets his biggest nightmare: his daughter’s well-meaning but socially awkward Silicon Valley billionaire boyfriend, Laird (James Franco). The straight-laced Ned thinks Laird is a clearly inappropriate match for his daughter. Ned becomes even more upset when he learns Laird is about to pop the question.

“Fences” - Dec. 25


A stern and seemingly bitter former baseball star (Denzel Washington) creates tension in his family when he squashes his son's (Jovan Adepo) dream of playing college football. The film is set in Pittsburgh in the 1950s.