Since the implementation of QR fitness trails at Civic Plaza Park back in June, the workout stations — which melds technology and fitness together — have displayed user rates that are among the highest in the state.

The QR fitness trail is a system where visitors use the camera on their smartphone to scan a barcode on designated signs that reveals workout demonstration videos.

Civic Plaza Park made the addition of six QR fitness stations throughout the park on June 25 after the Hesperia Recreation and Park District brought the idea to a “Healthy Hesperia” meeting. St. Joseph Health helped make the idea possible when they received the California Endowment Grant which was then distributed between Hesperia, Victorville, Adelanto and Apple Valley to help with the healthy community improvements.  

“A couple months after installation, we were told Hesperia was one of the highest users of the system in California,”  Director of Healthy Communities Kevin Mahamy said. “One change won’t make a difference, but it does help.”

In April of 2010, the Hesperia City Council adopted resolution 2010-030 which then established Hesperia as “Healthy Hesperia.” The establishment was a commitment made in hopes to improve and develop a new healthy city for Hesperia residents.  

In order to properly scan the barcode, participants must download a free QR Code reader app through their respective app store. Each sign throughout the park includes the option for Blackberry, Android and Apple products.

The first station explains to visitors the process of the trail and then allows the option for a warm-up video. The following five stations each have various barcodes for different workout options on core body, flexibility, lower body and upper body.

Each video is one minute long and includes a personal trainer that motivates participants throughout the exercise with various methods of pacing, modification and technique.

“It is a different type of experience, I like it,” Mahamy said. “An open area is suddenly a fitness place without the actual fitness equipment, at your convenience with an app.”

Along with the QR fitness trails, the city has added over 40 miles of bike lanes since “Healthy Hesperia” was established. QR fitness trails are another step along the road to improvement.

Civic Plaza Park is located at 15833 Smoke Tree St., Hesperia. For more information on the trail and “Healthy Hesperia,” call 760-947-1589 or visit