Like everything else these days, proms are expensive. On average, the various costs associated with the event will set parents back about $900, according to a recent study conducted by Visa.

With that kind of price tag, it’s inevitable some kids won’t be able to afford to attend, especially those from low-income families. Take for example Christion Brown, a senior at Goodwill High School in Victorville who admits there was no way he and his family could have come up with that kind of money.

Thanks to the High Desert-based Family Assistance Program, it looks like Brown will be going to prom after all.

Through its Taco Tuesday fundraising campaign, FAP recently collected enough cash to send Brown to the prom, pay for his tuxedo rental and cover all the other related costs.

“I am extremely grateful for everyone in the community coming together to help him in his senior year,” said Brown, who plans to join the military after high school graduation. “I’m also thankful for the support I have received from Goodwill High School, as well as my counselors and teachers who have done so much for me.”

According to Melissa Woods, coordinator of FAP, money for Brown’s prom was raised earlier this month at El Pescador Seafood and Mexican Grill in Victorville. During FAP’s Taco Tuesday event, the restaurant donated 20 percent of its food profits to the charity’s cause. Woods said it was enough to cover all of Brown’s prom expenses.

“Christion is a good kid and very focused on his goals for the future,” said Woods. “We couldn’t have been happier that he was chosen as the beneficiary of our Taco Tuesday fundraiser.

“And we’re also very grateful to El Pescador Seafood, as well as all the other businesses in the community who have stepped up to help families and individuals in our community. It’s wonderful to know there are so many people out there with such big hearts.”

Over its 32-year history, FAP has helped more than 5,000 individuals and families through its various programs. Its Taco Tuesday fundraisers have been going on for a number of years but Woods said the program recently streamlined its focus to primarily helping underprivileged kids and their families.

Future Taco Tuesday nights are planned at Fat Jacks Bar and Grill, the Whiskey Barrel, Thorny’s, Desert Barn Brewery and Louisiana Cajun Seafood House, to name a few.

In addition, other local business people have signed on to help out the cause, including Roxanne Wilson and Jackie Phillips, realtors at California Life Properties Real Estate in Victorville.

“One-hundred percent of all that we raise goes to needy families and individuals,” said Woods. “None of what we do could be possible without the generous support of local businesses, community leaders and the general public, so we are extremely grateful.”

For more information, call 760-843-0701.