Happy Independence Day to you!

With some luck, we'll have some heavenly fireworks this month (in addition to those for the Fourth of July). I'm talking about monsoonal thunderstorms, which should break the heat wave.

Jupiter (in Virgo) and Saturn (in Ophiuchus) remain our only evening "stars" and Venus is a lone beacon in the morning.

We have a scorpion in the evening sky, too! One of the most recognizable and largest of the zodiacal constellations. The reddish star is Antares, the "heart" of the monster.

Other connstellations include Virgo (the maiden), Libra (the scales), and Sagittarius (the archer). Overhead we have Bootes (the herdsman), with the bright star Arcturus, the Corona Borealis (the northern crown) and Hercules (the strongman). Also visible is Lyra (the harp), with the bright star Vega and Cygnus (the swan), with its "asterism," the Northern Cross.

Have a safe and sane Fourth. Next month, we have a really exviting event.