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Letter to the Editor
Prayer for the board My name is Pastor Greg Detwiler of High Desert Christian Fellowship located directly behind the Hesperia Unified School District at 15660 Juniper St. As you may already know, the... Full story

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Tortoise Tales: Do not call
Political robo-calls will be stopping until the November general election approaches. In the meantime, although regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), we continue to receive calls from commercial telemarketers even when we have reg... Full story
Tell us your opinion
The Hesperia Star welcomes readers to submit their questions and opinions. All submissions must be accompanied by the author’s name, address and phone number. Submissions should be no more than 200 words. We may reject or edit any submissions.... Full story
Balancing budgets for the sake of safety in Hesperia
We remember Fire Captain Superintendent Ted Hall of Oak Hills who lost his life in 2009 fighting the Station fire in the Angeles National Forest. That conflagration blackened thousands of acres making it the most destructive in Los Angeles County. Lo... Full story
Letter to the Editor 04-24-12
Another view on alcohol at the movies I would like to reply to a letter written by Donna Juista about the new movie theater that will serve beer (Letters, Hesperia Star, March 13). While Donna made some valid concerns, they are just mere hyperbole. ... Full story
Letter to the Editor 03-13-12
Alcohol served at movies sends the wrong message Re: “Coming attractions: Construction begins on Hesperia’s first movie theater” (Feb. 28). • No. 1 — Drink alcohol for 2 hours-plus and then leave and get on the roads? R... Full story
Letter to the Editor 03-06-12
Science and the Bible What is wrong with scientists these days? The too-liberal scientific community seems bent on finding explanations for everything through nature, and what they can observe or speculate on, and denying God and His Divine creation... Full story
Letters to the Editor 01-31-12
Create jobs, decrease foreign dependency There already is a pipeline in the US. Our society requires oil to run. The program hasn’t been approved, which makes one wonder why since we can decrease our need of foreign oil while bringing jobs to ... Full story
Letters to the Editor 01-24-12
McKinney abusing power; Bentley not neutral I find it strange that Chris Bentley is the judge, jury and executioner in the public termination hearing of Hesperia Unified police chief Mike Graham. Isn’t the judge in most cases a neutral party? ... Full story
Letters to the Editor 01-17-12
Trash fees will go up without residents' voices Advance Disposal is looking to change trash service for Hesperia residents in a big way. The current unlimited trash pickup will be replaced with a two can limit. Any additional cans will be an additio... Full story
Outsourcing and the economy
It's been said before: the U.S. economy is faltering. What hasn’t been addressed is that the ultimate solution — and the source of the original problems — lies with the consumer. If that sounds ridiculous, please read on. • T... Full story
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